Thursday, March 27, 2008


i'll be back soon...promise.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

sometimes i feel i've got to run away

first: i LOVE danny noriega. he is the cutest and coolest 18 year old in the world. okay, maybe an overstatement, because i don't know all of the 18 year olds in the world. but come on. i just fucking love him. i love his voice, i love his attitude (big personality but still very humble in my opinion), i love his FACE (what a beautiful face!) and his pretty shiny hair. now that he's gone, i am not nearly as excited about this season's american idol. but back to danny. i feel the need to tell everyone about him, so for those of you who don't watch AI, read perezhilton, or watch access hollywood, danny noriega is america's sweetheart. you should add him as your friend on myspace and check out his youtube page as well. i realize that many more people already go to those sites all the time than will ever read my blog, but it can't hurt.

secondly, i don't always agree with elisabeth hasselbeck on the view, but i have been watching it now for months and i must say, even though she doesn't always have all the info and she doesn't have a great sense of humor and she's pretty stuck in her beliefs politically, she speaks very well and she's extremely intelligent. and to be on that panel every day with people constantly questioning her, all of them older and more knowledgable (save for one ms. sherri shepherd, who has learned quite a lot from whoopi, i must say - kudos!) and most of them leaning quite far to the left, i think it takes some courage. she does hold her own. and she does listen and allow them to influence her occasionally, which i think is a good sign. and the other ladies listen to her as well. but i still watch the view for whoopi. she's brought a level of entertainment, intellect, class, and harmony to the show that it never had before. i LOVE me some whoopi.

i had a third thing. wait, let me think.
...nope, i forgot. check back soon.