Thursday, January 22, 2009

move, bitch! get out the way!

change has come.

"just keep walking, george."

HELL yeah.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


i'm voting after work today. if i had time to do it now, i would, because i can hardly contain myself. i want to thank literally everyone who reads this for your passion and enthusiasm about this election, regardless of who you're voting for.

and now that i've done that, i want to tell you that if you vote mccain, good luck with that. and it hurts me and pisses me off that you're contributing to the vote that will leave me, AND YOU, with an out for himself, older + health challenged president who's already showed us that he's losing it and has already made bad decisions. the man won't make it through a term. i'm angry that sarah palin has a good chance of being my president because her "values" and her intentions (the few that we know of) scare the shit out of me. their administration would make us another laughing stock. their administration would try to outlaw things that are none of the GOVERNMENT'S business, despite their and your beliefs, which i personally respect. republicans are supposed to be about keeping government out. mccain and palin want to change the constitution to impose on people's personal rights. republicans aren't true republicans anymore, and politics and religion should not have ANYTHING to do with each other. that's why we live in this country. separation of church and state? i respect your beliefs. but keep them in their place. exercise them for yourself and talk to the people you love. don't tell me what to do with my body. and taxes? obama's plan is good. unless you're super rich, you're going to see nothing but benefits from it. and guess what? healthcare will be the same for you if you've got it good, and better if you don't! guess what else? mccain has a crazy temper. he's a 72 year old man with a serious anger streak and PTSD. and we're currently in a sad, sad, pointless, EXPENSIVE war. guess who's not only smart and composed but also calm enough to get shit done? always? every time he's been tested since the second we learned about him? obama. that makes me feel safe and comfortable.

i worry just like anyone that obama will get shot. it's a scary, unfortunate possibility, because people are racist, and people who want to, believe that he's a terrorist (???). because that makes things easy for them. but to be frank, i love joe biden. i feel safe and comfortable with him too. basically what i'm saying is that all of our bases are covered here.

i want to be proud tonight. i want to feel safer tonight. i want to feel PROGRESSIVE and happy and thankful tonight. the whole world is watching us. and the whole world needs us to make the right choice - because when it comes down to it, this is not just about me and you. this is not just about our country. this election is affecting the entire world.

make the right choice. don't fuck up. DON'T fuck up.
and i swear to god, ohio, if you do it to us AGAIN...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

this is a political blog for today

this is not the only place i've posted this. back to regularly scheduled programming soon, but for now...

i'm voting for obama. case you hadn't picked up on that yet.

and i say this not as a threat, or as an insult to your own personal beliefs:

if you care about your life and the well-being of this country, despite the reason you may be planning to vote for someone else this election, YOU WILL TOO.

please help me and other obama supporters turn this country around. help us get our respect back and live better again. i'm actually begging you. i respect you if you're pro-life. i respect you if you honestly think mccain will make it through four years and we won't be under SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY underqualified and ignorant sarah palin. i respect you if you support the troops. but these things won't matter if mccain is president, nothing will change for the better.

obama's tax plan makes SENSE. it's what the united states has always done.

his healthcare plan makes SENSE. healthcare is SO important for us. other countries don't have to worry about the bullshit that we do. i WANT that for US. i love the united states, and that's why i care so much about this stuff.

mccain is not a bad guy. but he'll clearly do whatever it takes to win at this point and that's where it ends. he caught the hillary bug. and i used to be a hillary fan. not that i'm equating them - i think she's redeemed herself. but that's beside the point.

obama is smart and competent and calm. he can do this. i'm not just thinking about myself when i vote for this man that i believe in. i am thinking about you.

if you feel that you still don't know enough, please go to every website you can think of, read every newspaper you can get your hands on, watch every news program you come across, even if they're biased EITHER way, and GET INFORMED. please. this is my plea to you. i've keep too silent for too long.

thank you.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

i'm not dead...

just floating.....

i'll be back soon and for good. been going through a lot and i'm also looking for a bit of a new direction here. but i miss this and i'm not giving it up. stay tuned for the new and improved.

in the meantime:

p.s: happy halloween!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

brush yourself off & try again

it's been a long time
i shouldn't have left you
without a dope beat to step to

okay it's been a REALLY long time. i have been extremely busy. i have been extremely creatively blocked. i've also been very much in love, and when i started this blog, i was in a very different place as far as that's concerned. as i experienced fewer and fewer problems in that area of my life and became less and less confused, the more i struggled in coming up with something to write about. i had some ideas but nothing ever seemed to work. i'm sorry.

i was watching an episode of "the view" on tivo a few hours ago and shirley maclaine was on, talking about reincarnation and past life regressions and uh...stuff like that. it was interesting. and then i saw something in a community on livejournal asking about soulmates - whether or not people believed in them, and what their feelings were. so i decided to do some research to see where the idea came from and what it's really supposed to mean when someone is considered your soulmate. first of all, i found this.

i especially liked the part about balance partners. and reading all of the information on that site and on a couple of others, it's become pretty clear to me who those people in my life are. i really have no doubt about it, and it makes a lot of sense to me. i wasn't always sure that i even believed in the concept of soulmates at all because i wasn't entirely sure of what it entailed. but after reading about it, it's like my life makes just a little more sense.

that said, i will post again soon (I PROMISE), but for now, you should check out THE NEW INTERLUDE MAGAZINE WEBSITE!!! if you're an arlan fan, you probably already know what i'm talking about, but either way, go there. look around. support. subscribe. yeah, i'm biased because arlan's my friend and i work for the magazine but i would not promote something that sucked! so do that now and we'll talk again soon.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


i'll be back soon...promise.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

sometimes i feel i've got to run away

first: i LOVE danny noriega. he is the cutest and coolest 18 year old in the world. okay, maybe an overstatement, because i don't know all of the 18 year olds in the world. but come on. i just fucking love him. i love his voice, i love his attitude (big personality but still very humble in my opinion), i love his FACE (what a beautiful face!) and his pretty shiny hair. now that he's gone, i am not nearly as excited about this season's american idol. but back to danny. i feel the need to tell everyone about him, so for those of you who don't watch AI, read perezhilton, or watch access hollywood, danny noriega is america's sweetheart. you should add him as your friend on myspace and check out his youtube page as well. i realize that many more people already go to those sites all the time than will ever read my blog, but it can't hurt.

secondly, i don't always agree with elisabeth hasselbeck on the view, but i have been watching it now for months and i must say, even though she doesn't always have all the info and she doesn't have a great sense of humor and she's pretty stuck in her beliefs politically, she speaks very well and she's extremely intelligent. and to be on that panel every day with people constantly questioning her, all of them older and more knowledgable (save for one ms. sherri shepherd, who has learned quite a lot from whoopi, i must say - kudos!) and most of them leaning quite far to the left, i think it takes some courage. she does hold her own. and she does listen and allow them to influence her occasionally, which i think is a good sign. and the other ladies listen to her as well. but i still watch the view for whoopi. she's brought a level of entertainment, intellect, class, and harmony to the show that it never had before. i LOVE me some whoopi.

i had a third thing. wait, let me think.
...nope, i forgot. check back soon.

Friday, February 29, 2008


i love it.

yeah, guess who? ANNA CHLUMSKY. MY GIRL. can you believe that? i couldn't. that's why i took a picture.

scarlett johansson looking exactly like gwen stefani.


i'm suddenly TOTALLY into this show. anybody else?

the real housewives of orange county is (was?) one of my favorite shows/guilty pleasures, so i'm totally psyched about this. i am lame. and awesome.

this was in...i think us magazine, and she's supposed to look bad, or ridiculous or something. but uh, is it just me, or does she look hot? and just...good? maybe i'm insane.

when did ashley become the dark, slutty one? seriously. but j/k. i love the olsens. i think they're smart, talented, gorgeous, funny (mary-kate is, at least), mature, and also i wear their perfume. good stuff.

i read recently that natalie portman said something about wanting to just grab scarlett johansson's breasts because they're so "lovely," or something. look at the way she's looking at her, and clutching her waist for that matter.


i just think these dresses are really pretty. yay flowers.

something more substantial coming soon...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

there was a time i didn't have you around

i just watched an episode of dawson's creek in which that henry kid wants jen but she rejects him because she's not ready to be with anybody yet, and she feels like he's too young and inexperienced to understand her. he tells her that he's in love with her and she says that he can't be because he doesn't even know her. he's 15 and she's...17 or almost 17 or something. they're almost two years apart, i think they said. anyway she says that a lot will happen in that time; his heart will swell and break a thousand times. when she tells him that she can't be with him, he tells her that that was heartbreak number one.

it made me start to wonder, how many times CAN a person's heart "swell and break" before they just can't do it anymore? i think it depends on the person. i haven't been in many relationships and i feel like i've lived 10 lives already. like i've been ripped apart and stomped on and i've had to sew myself back together, bit by bit, more times than you could ever repair a broken zipper or a ripped dress before it just falls apart entirely. you can only save something so many times. i pay $80 for a pair of jeans; they last me four or five years. i pay $8 for a tshirt and it tears the first time i come within six inches of a cat's claw. i'm not saying that you get what you pay for, though i do believe that too. i'm saying that more work went into those jeans. they were stronger and made to last. you can climb trees and spill paint and it takes years for any holes to form and the stains always come out. the shirt needed gentler treatment to last half as long. at the same time, you may go through those shirts twice, or three times, as quickly, which kind of fucks up my whole analogy because my point is that not everyone bounces back easily. some people need to go through their fair share of people and experiences before they can relax and be happy, or be with someone who deserves them. and they can deal with that; maybe they even like it. others can't handle as much and so they're pickier. they have to be, to avoid the pain.

just a thought.

Monday, February 25, 2008

i am the creature in this story

the best thing about getting older is that you don't care as much. some may argue that it's actually the worst thing, and when i was younger, i would have too. and in general, i do think that it's a bad thing. but for someone like me, who thinks too much and feels too much and gets so worked up, it's a good thing. i never want to lose my passion, but losing a bit of passion, if that does occur, for someone like me, is a small price to pay for the calmness that's begun to come over me as the years, the months, even the days, pass. you learn to see the gray areas as opposed to the black and white. you start to realize that you need to pick your battles and you learn what's worth it to you and what is not. you stop trying to fix everything and you learn to just roll with it, a little bit more. that is, if you're lucky.

if you're even luckier, you find someone good to be with. someone who treats you well and makes you laugh and smile. someone you're not afraid to be yourself around. someone who helps you feel stable and important, and who allows you to give of yourself the things that others didn't care to accept. someone who loves you both calmly AND passionately. someone who forces you to look inside yourself and see you for who you really are without causing you to get angry, all the while still knowing that they love you.

being human is hard. but it's worth it when your heart is not alone.