Thursday, January 22, 2009

move, bitch! get out the way!

change has come.

"just keep walking, george."

HELL yeah.

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arlan said...

true story.

Rachel said...


Brian said...

wow, still can't believe we actually did it!!! We got the guy who was against the war in Iraq into office!!! I thought McCain was going to win!! I have supported Obama since day 1!!! Did you know the Matt Santos character on "The West Wing" was based on Barack Obama??? And they showed matt santos winning against an old white "maverick" republican!! They totally called that shit!!! I'm glad Obama is our President and I'm proud to have voted for him!!! :-)

W. 'wild' West said...

go baby girl! go baby girl! go baby girl!

from your one and only brother...

Sarah said...

:) thanks bro.

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