Friday, February 29, 2008


i love it.

yeah, guess who? ANNA CHLUMSKY. MY GIRL. can you believe that? i couldn't. that's why i took a picture.

scarlett johansson looking exactly like gwen stefani.


i'm suddenly TOTALLY into this show. anybody else?

the real housewives of orange county is (was?) one of my favorite shows/guilty pleasures, so i'm totally psyched about this. i am lame. and awesome.

this was in...i think us magazine, and she's supposed to look bad, or ridiculous or something. but uh, is it just me, or does she look hot? and just...good? maybe i'm insane.

when did ashley become the dark, slutty one? seriously. but j/k. i love the olsens. i think they're smart, talented, gorgeous, funny (mary-kate is, at least), mature, and also i wear their perfume. good stuff.

i read recently that natalie portman said something about wanting to just grab scarlett johansson's breasts because they're so "lovely," or something. look at the way she's looking at her, and clutching her waist for that matter.


i just think these dresses are really pretty. yay flowers.

something more substantial coming soon...


aimeetoons said...

LOL!! luv this...
Did you ever watch Dirt before? You should try to watch the 1st season, it's crazy, talking kittens and everything lol

Sarah said...

no, i didn't, but the episodes i saw were from last season because i don't think the new season has started yet. or maybe it has? i don't know.

Rachel said...

I can't BELIEVE thats the one from My Girl. Except I can believe it because it looks just like her, haha. But so grown up! And gorgeous! Aaaaand I LOVE Natalie Portman.

Davina said...

I love your blog, I think its cute and funny, not the boring humdrum meaningless banters in mine! :)

arlan said...

i think if you started a blog (or just made this one like this for a while) where you took pics of magazine things, credited each one, and then commented on each one, you could grow a pretty substantial audience. It's something that you're really good at, and something I haven't seen before. You could have a great 15-24 audience. It's definitely how Perez got started...but yours would be much better, more positive and more interesting. I'd tune in to that shit.